sábado, 5 de maio de 2012

Boheme Bar Trio

Madrugadas de Paris


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  1. Hello

    I just wanted to say thank you for the two Boheme Bar Trio album links to download.

    I have been trying to find these on CD for many years but on Amazon they are very expensive.

    Please could you tell me if you have extracted them from CD or Vinyl? I am confused as you have covers for both CD and Vinyl in the zip file. Also do you have any other Boheme Bar Trio albums as they seem impossible to find? I have been trying to find "Glowing Embers" for a long time. Perhaps you know of other blogs that might have them. Whatever, thanks again!
    Best wishes, Dave.

    1. Were extracted vinyl. I pull the covers for those who like to copy to CD.

  2. Thanks again, you did a very good job of all the cover scans.

    I can't believe how rare these albums are. I have spent many hours searching the Internet and sadly nothing. I was hoping to find the more recent recording (some of these are very high quality on CD) but no luck.

    Also thanks for your 2 Jane Froman albums, these are better quality than Boheme Bar Trio but suspect more recent.

    Thanks again, I understand a lot of time goes into your work. Best wishes, Dave.